babyarcher3One of the joys of pregnancy is getting to feel baby move. Those little flutters in my tummy let me know that he is OK; he is growing and alive and may even be aware of my movements and my voice. Lately, Archer’s movements have been even stronger and Nate has been able to feel him move. The secret joy of Archer moving is no longer mine alone, but can be delighted in with his father.

Movement demonstrates life. If something can move, if it can change and grow, it shows that it is living. Babies move, even in the womb, in their tiny confined spaces. Plants move, and change throughout the year as summer turns into fall and they are forced to stop the process of photosynthesis and drop their leaves. And sometimes, people that we love move. They move to distances that we can not walk to or drive to or see every day. They need to move, because, in some strange way, the change helps them to grow.

Our move to Arkansas was a big change for Nate and I (and in a way, for baby Archer). Within just a month, we left our families, our friends, our old jobs, the city and state we grew up in, our apartment, our culture, and the youth group that we poured our hearts into for two years. And all of this during the excitement of a baby coming. If I said it was easy to do, I would be lying. But if I said it was the wrong thing to do, that would be a lie as well. I know that we are where God wants us to be. And I know that this change, this movement, will produce many good things for our whole little family.

From Archer’s little kicks and flips in my womb, to our almost 1000 mile drive across the country to our new home (including a drop in altitude of over 4,000 feet), our lives have been full of movement lately. Movement isn’t always easy. It isn’t always free of pain. But it is exciting. It can be beneficial. And it demonstrates life. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


4 thoughts on “Movements

  1. Krystal

    Change is good…. It can be sad and painful… But it is good. You guys are surely missed by many (including me) but God is good.

    (aunt) Krystal ❤

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