Tummy Problems



Lately I’ve been craving mint chocolate chip ice cream. I’ve been trying to limit myself, since ice cream isn’t exactly healthy. But that doesn’t always work out so well for my stomach. Last night I found myself feeling extremely hungry right before bed. I went into the kitchen to find some food and absolutely everything sounded sickeningly disgusting to eat….except for mint chocolate chip ice cream. Since I had already indulged in a bowl earlier that day, I decided not to have another. I choked down a piece of bread with honey (something I usually enjoy) and went to bed. I woke up this morning yet again wanting…. You got it, mint chocolate chip ice cream. Isn’t pregnancy strange??
I’m constantly surprised at all of the strange things happening to my stomach. Besides the obvious growing bump, I’ve also been dealing with my increased appetite, the strange cravings and aversions, random nausea, intense heart burn, and feeling full sooner than I actually become full (Archer doesn’t like to leave my stomach much space these days). And although I can not wait to have my body back, from my old waistline to my normal eating habits, there aren’t many better things in this world than feeling the baby inside your womb move around. Sometimes I get frustrated at my heartburn or weight gain, and Archer does a little flip inside of me, reminding me that those things don’t really matter. My body is growing another human being! The body of my sweet baby boy, whose tummy I can’t wait to kiss and whose toes I can’t wait to tickle.


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