Today marks the beginning of month 6! I can’t believe how fast time has been flying by. Nate and I have been really taking the time this week to think about how we want the nursery to look, and we have been (oh sweet joy of joys) registering for baby things for Archer!

I can’t stop thinking about how I want the nursery to look. I’ve been on Pinterest and Etsy and random baby blogs non-stop lately, and every time that I have a minute to sit down and think, my mind wanders back to planning out the nursery. I guess I must be in the nesting phase. So….I’m going to use this blog post to share what I’ve been dreaming about for the nursery!

We’ve known for quite some time now that we want to do foxes as our nursery theme. We’re thinking kind of a retro Fantastic Mr. Fox meets other woodland creatures kind of a feel. Fox and woodland stuff isn’t easy to find for nurseries, but the stuff that does exist is crazy cute! Here are some of the things that we have registered for on babylist (you can see our whole babylist registry as well as links to our Babies “R” Us and Target registries at our personalized link







This fox crib sheet from katyandzucchini┬áis so perfect! I know its a bit pricey for a crib sheet. And that babies tend to make messes on crib sheets! So I also registered for some cute grey striped ones that are a more reasonable price at Babies “R” Us.









This adorable woodblock fox pillow from Laura Frisk. We also love her squirrel and deer pillows!











This pretty squirrel nightlight from landofnod would be so cute with the whole fox/woodland theme. I love how softly it glows, instead of a harsh table lamp.











Simple green hamper from our Babies “R” Us registry.









I think this faux deer head from Theshabbyshak would look great on Archer’s wall both as a decoration and as a hook for coats and other little things.









Fox head clock from ObjectIndustrialArt.



I also got really inspired by some nurseries and children’s bedrooms that other people had done:



I really love this woodland nursery that was featured on The simple colors, the use of natural wood, and those awesome antlers! Nate and I have been wanting to paint a series of fox pictures featuring quotes for Archer’s nursery, so those would go in the place of some of the other pictures that this mom used.





This whole woodland nursery that Kelly Hicks created for her son, Jack. I recommend checking out the whole blog post, it’s incredible! And how great is that fox lamp?? It’s originally from Target but I don’t think they are selling it anymore.



fox nursery inspiration board


And of course this awesome inspiration board from projectbambino!






I also found some really neat things on Etsy that I think Nate and I might be able to make ourselves for a more cost efficient price:










I love these mossy letters from teresab123 and I think it would be great if we bought some basic wooden letters in Archer’s initials and glued floral moss onto them.











I love the quote on this wooden sign from WordsonWood11. Although the shop did a great job with it, I think I could buy some wood and paint on the quote myself and use some colors that fit Archer’s nursery a bit more.

I can’t wait to set up Archer’s nursery! All this fox and woodland themed stuff gets me excited. I’m so excited to paint the nursery walls and hang up these adorable decorations and to set up his little crib with fox sheets. Hooray for daydreaming and nesting!